Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am linking this to The Little Red House for    Mosaic Monday  

I have been lost in the glory and music of the rain.
I have seen it wash the dust away, and i've heard it
coming down so hard that all other sounds are gone.
I have raised my head, closed my eyes and breathed
in the sweet clean smell of new rain.
I have been lost in the beauty of the rain.


  1. Ah ... so beautiful is that sound of falling rain ... a melodic tune that lulls one into serenity.

    You truly are an introvert ... for they seem to listen to nature's music, feeling the rhythm throughout their entire being. A peaceful post, Linda. Thank you! :)))

  2. Linda - this is just beautiful. I think you just stole my breath!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. Already as child I could sit for a long while looking out ouf the window when it rained. Every raindrop at the window fascinated me. I am always very charmed by your MMs. Nice you are back!!

  4. back at blogging fantastic words. the photos with the rain are beautiful. take care rose

  5. The pictures are so refreshing. I love the raindrops against the green leaves. Doylene