Friday, October 15, 2010

Good boy Eddie.

For some reason, we woman get all soft and mooshy when we see a big guy holding a little baby. It just gets to us.

As much as i hate to admit, that includes me. I get all soft and mooshy.
Especially when the big guy is my son-in-law, and the little guy is my new grandson.

Little Eddie is 6 months old tomorrow. How time fly's. He is sitting up by himself, eating baby food, practicing different sounds, and learning how to show his temper. Oh he is a sweetie.
He is such a good boy. He will sit and play by himself for quite a long time. And , unlike his sisters, when he first wakes up he is an angel boy, full of smiles and giggles.
But, the temper thing. He scrunches up his face, yells and slaps his leg, kicks his feet. It is actually cute and funny and i have a very hard time not laughing. He just tickles the hell outa me.

On the day of my birthday, while we are sitting around talking and eating cake, he laid in his daddy's arms, quietly watching and listening, and fell asleep.

I love these pictures.


  1. I assume that was one of the nicest moments of your birthday. What nice pictures. Congratulation to your new grandson! So nice he is healthy and everything is ok with him.

  2. oh! he sounds so adorable when awake and Not mad. great photo. rose