Thursday, October 21, 2010


The granddaughter's were staying with us over night one night in June. There was a bit of thunder and lightening for a bit, and then..............

After the electrical excitement last night, we all watched t.v for a while, "Bones", then the girls got ready for bed. It was 9 o'the clock then, Ashlyn had been saying "is it time for bed?", since 7:57, so i figured it was time. Alexis hinted that sometimes she stayed up til midnight! HA!

So i sent them off to do their bathroom stuff, get jammies on and all that. Papa had the storybook, "The Quiet Bunny", all ready to go. Ashlyn says, "i don't want the Quiet Bunny!" 

Nana says, "that's what you got."
She gave me "that look". 
The one especially reserved for me. LOL....little monkey.

So, the girls put themselves foot to foot, a head at each end in the bed, papa sat in his chair, and the fun began.

If you have never watched him read a bedtime story, you have missed a real show. He does sound affects, voices, body moves and the whole she-bang. Watching him be a bunny trying to make noise was priceless, let alone trying to sound and look like a flying bat, a croaking jumping frog, a hoot owl, a bear, and finally a silent bunny who discovered he could make noise with his big feet. He thumped, jumped, threw his head back, made faces, wiggled his eyebrows, growled, giggled, hissed, scritched, and all the other things that made up the story... and those girls laughed so hard they could hardly move. Ashlyn was almost hysterical, and Alexis kept bumping her head on the arm of the futon. Me? I laughed til my ears hurt and i couldn't breathe. It was perfect.

A fun night with two precious granddaughters who sweeten our lives.

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  1. this was a sweet post. i love it when adults become childlike telling stories. that's the way to get children's attention. rose

  2. I could picture the whole delightful night! Soooo looking forward to having nights like these with my own grandchildren. Someday.