Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's gone!

 It's been quite a while since i  have been blogging....too long. And it's been too long since i've played at Jenny's.
And, wouldn't you know, for my first time back in forever, for Saturday Centus
  this week we can use only 25 words, minus the prompt which is.....
'the lottery ticket'
So, here goes.

Where is it? The lottery ticket is gone!
She sat, head in hands, watching the boy float tiny paper boats in the lake.
Paper boats? TINY PAPER BOATS!


  1. Boys....
    only a boy/man would do that...


    Glad you're back!!!


  2. I really like this...great imagery...almost surreal...Peace and blessings

  3. Awesome! I could picture that so well! Great job!

  4. Hi Linda, I just came to tell you that I loved what you wrote over at Emily's. How ironic to find a post about boats. I'm in the same tiny paper one as you.

    Hope you have a fabulously blessed day!

  5. I would be jumping in the grab the boats.

  6. At least it did not lie crumpled on a garbage heap; perhaps the boy's dreams are on that boat.

  7. OH MAN, really...a lottery ticket boat...but the boy is so happy. Welcome back, I came back 2 weeks ago...I like being back!

  8. Oh no! This was really well written, I can feel that sinking feeling as she realizes where it must be. Great job! Kat

  9. So good to see you! Sorry to welcome you back with such a mega micro-fiction challenge!

    This was incredible, love, love your creative twist on this.

    Thanks for linking.