Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"O" is for oops!

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Oops is a word used often here in this house.
And everytime someone says it, little dog Daisy runs to see if some cheese has hit the floor.
You see, the Old Guy has got her spoiled. Whenever he is getting cheese for himself, he drops little bits on
the floor and says "OOPS" to let her know she can come get it.

Then theres the "oops" followed by a bad word usually uttered by me as i trip and stumble over my oxy hose.
Or the hose gets looped over a cupboard door knob and yanks the door open, or loops around the Old Guys feet as he goes by (giggle).

Theres those times when i'm coming out of the bathroom and the hose gets stuck under the door, which of course means the door won't open or close and i'm standing there getting really riled trying to yank it out, when all i have to do is gently slide it out.  Oops.

Some days the "oops" come one after another. And there are days when not one happens. I like those days.
Those quiet "no oops" days.

But, "oops" can often turn into laughs and giggles too. Like the Preperation H on the toothbrush. Or the pants on backwards or wrong side out, or forgetting to rinse the conditioner out of my hair and trying to figure out why it feels so weird.

"Oops" says a lot in our home.


  1. Ooops is such a wonderful word. It covers so many events of my day.

  2. Oops is kind of mild in comparison to what I say when I drop, bump into or fall on top of something. Maybe I should try saying oops and see if I can clean up my act a little...

  3. Cute! Oops is one of my favorite words, but the last time I used it was because of something my dog LEFT on the floor - and I failed to get it up before Fred almost stepped in it.

    Big oops.

  4. Daisy probably hates Oops-less days. La

  5. I like Oops... Probably wouldn't use it if I hit my thumb with a hammer, but it does cover a lot of things:@)

  6. Very cute post! Thanks for the smile:)

  7. OOOPS! is a popular word in my house, mainly because I tend to be a bit of a klutz,

  8. The older I get, the more I say it!!

  9. I love the word "oops." It's just funny. And cute, too.

    Much better than swearing when something goes wrong. It's light-hearted.


  10. I use the word "oops" a lot...also "uh oh". Uh oh seems to scare my husband a lot quicker than oops, though.

    What an outstanding little stop today on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "O".

    Thanks for the smile!


  11. I definitely have lots of multiple oops days. This was a lot of fun to read!


  12. How fun! You can hear "oops" and "uh ohs" all the time in this household! Most of the time it's associated with something the child did like spill something or drop something :)