Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strange lanquage

Have you ever paid attention to the 'word verification' words that you have to put in to comment on some of the blogs?

Very strange.
  I know they are not really words, just jumbles of letters, but if they were words, what would they mean?

I made a list of a few.

I'm kinda strange too.

How about 'OVEMIS' ?  Something to do with ovaries? ovens? over the mississippi?

Then there's ' JOLLOUS'. Most jolly? jealously jolly? Jolly louse?

Let's go ' MSHME'. Mush me? Mash me?  MightSheHaveMineEngine?

Oh, why keep to the easy ones? Let's get serious here.....' VANEADERS, SPHICTRI, GAMUNC, MITYPERS' for golly sakes.

'BOODSTI' has got to be one to describe me at this instant...why? no idea. Thats why.

Now that i have let out my secret, that i am a closet 'word verification' crazy person, it's time to go.

So, DIGHO all my blog friends. May your day be BOFACQ, and my you find all the MARDR you want.


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  1. Hi LInda! Very funny post! I have always wondered about those too!!! Thanks for coming over and leaving that sweet comment on my blog. t's always nice to hear from friends. Have a great day!