Monday, June 6, 2011

Teaching Ethel to drive the mower.

It's been a while since i have done this!
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Ethel is the Old Guy's cat. He rescued her from an un-caring family with rotten kids and big dogs. 

She would hide out on our deck every day, and she was a mess. Matted hair, ribs showing, weak and pitiful. I named her and he loves her.
She loves him right back. She follows him around, to the bathroom, where she will sit outside the door until he comes out, to his shop where he uses saws and all different types of noisy tools. She doesn't care about the noise, just as long as she can be close to him.
One day, while he was out mowing, he came knocking on my window, all excited...."come watch this!"....and lo and behold, the silly cat was playing chase with him, running after the mower, hiding behind the kids playhouse then rushing out after him. He was so proud!
Then a few days later, as he once again was mowing, he comes knocking at my window again, "get your camera!".... and there she was, on his lap, on the mower, riding around with him. Will wonders never cease.

He even built her her own deck outside his shop.

I don't have my own deck!

My Old Guy and his cat. Such simple sweet things can bring such pleasure.


  1. Linda!!! I am SOOOO happy to see you!!! AND the cat - and your guy!!!

    I have missed you - and I hope all is well!!!


  2. Hello Linda,

    so nice to hear from you, yesterday I thought about you and now I am also so happy to see you!!

    What a cat!!

    Alles Liebe

  3. Have we all been on hiatus??!!!

    That's one unusual cat - mine have always run and hidden from anything motorized.

    Ah, though, her name is Ethel...

  4. nice mosaic photo of ethel! thanks for the visit.

  5. Beautiful mosaic and that cat is one lucky feline with so much love!

  6. I am so glad the bunnies have released her. What fun to drive a tractor!

  7. aawww...sweet! a great story and photos, too!

  8. Oh that's just wonderful! and so glad so see you back x

  9. Hey, I wonder if I could train our weiner dog to do yardwork!

    These are such cute photos.