Monday, August 2, 2010

The Water Girl

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Alexis is about to turn 9.
For a long time she hated water. No water gun fun, no hose fun, no kiddie pool fun. Just flicking water off of your hand at her would get her upset. We were worried she would never like water.

But then.

In the summer of 07', my Old Guy, her 'papa', went and bought a big 'on top of the ground' pool.

The summers were hot here, day after day of  90-100 degree weather. He yearned for a pool to cool off in after long days of driving rock-truck in the heat and dust.

Alexis stood by and watched the first time everyone got in the pool. We could see that she wanted to try it...she didn't want to be left out, but she just wasn't ready to take that step.

One day, when it was just her and papa, she asked him to get in with her...he took her into the water, held her up and swam her around....she smiled....she giggled..... "i'm swimming nana!"... and she was off. Within a few days she was jumping off of the little board, having fun fights with papa, splashing and laughing. He taught her how to move her arms and legs, how to float, and how to go under.

Now, she is our Water Girl. Whether sprinkler, or pool, she is in it.

These are photos of her first week of pool fun.


  1. That look and the smile is priceless. Happy Monday!

    Blueberry Lane

  2. That's wonderful! It is so good to see children overcome their fears and enjoy themselves!

    Have a wonderful week, Linda!

  3. The smile says it all - she's a real water baby now!

  4. My husband is "Papa" to our grandchildren. It's such a comfy name!

    Your girl is a pretty one.

    Happy Blue Monday, Linda.

  5. Dear Linda,

    today visiting my old father, I showed him my blog first time, he was very interested about it. Then I saw your new post, that we shared also together. So in the end there is one family at the one side sharing the family photos of the other family at the other side. Isn't that lovely! And what is cute my father we call "Vati", but his grandchildren, he got five, call him also "Vati". Vati is the same as Papa. So I wish your Alexis a lot more fun in your waterpool.

    Have a nice week, however it's so hot over at your place!