Friday, April 30, 2010


Way back when... a long time ago... i was a wee girl. Yep.
We would spend a lot of days at the beach, or up the river, playing in the water. My mom had gone to J.C Penny's and bought me a new swimsuit. It was soft and colorful, and the bottom was shaped like a purse. When i would get in the water that purse shaped bottom would fill up with water and i would look like a balloon with legs. I hated that swimsuit.  I am convinced my mom bought it to keep me out of the water. She knew i would hate being water-logged and so wouldn't go in the water. She was a worry wart and was sure that if i stood in water over my ankles i would drown.
Well, i whined and cried and threw a fit or two until she went and bought me another swimsuit. I don't know how long it took her to find it, or how many places she had to go to before she did, but i'm sure she had a plan. To find the ugliest, most un-comfortable suit she could. Payback.
She brought home this Pepto-bismo pink creation that was made totally of WOOL. Wool. Itchy pink wool. It even had a black ships wheel embroidered on it! Wool wool wool.
I spent so much time scratching that i never could get in the water.
I hated that swimsuit.

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious! WOOL?!

  2. That is some crazy stuff. LMBO.

  3. For real? I'm itchy just thinking about it!
    Thanks for linking up this week!

  4. Good Morning Linda!
    I have a surprise awaiting for you over at my blog! When you have a moment, stop by to pick it up!

    Have a wonderful week and a fabulous month of May!