Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My sister

In 1982 i moved to Homer, Alaska. A long way from my home ground on the Oregon coast. I stayed for 14 years.
For 13 years i didn't see any of my family. My mother had died just before i left Oregon, and i was lost. I was almost 40, but losing her was a horrible blow. While i was in Alaska my father died, one sister and my grandmother, aunts, uncles, all died. My family was moving on without me saying goodbye.
In 1994 i had saved up enough money to make a visit home. My sister, Judy, was to meet me at the airport in Portland. She drove from her home in Sutherlin to pick me up. It had been 13 years since i had seen her.
When i stepped off the plane i looked around, looking for that familiar face, and there, behind a group of waiting people, was this woman. She had her hands waving in the air, she was jiggling up and down, crying, laughing, hopping from one foot to the other. She rushed me, grabbed me up and hugged hugged hugged.
My fear of not being accepted again was out the window. This was acceptance. This was love.
I stayed with her for a month before i was off again, back to Alaska. That month was wonderful. I saw places i had loved, people i had loved, and found a new place in the family.
In 1996 i moved back home, and have been here since. It is where i want to be now. The coast is 80 miles away, a short drive to breathe the sea air. Home.
This photo is my sister hug hug hugging me. She did that alot.

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  1. This is sweet, Linda. What a blessing to have that kind of acceptance, huh?