Monday, April 5, 2010

More smiles...

Yesterday i started showing you my family. I started with my youngest, Blue, and her girls. Today is Joyce. She is 4 years older than Blue. She is goofy and smart. A wonderful mom, wife and homemaker. She teaches her girls how to cook and take care of their own belongings. She is artistic and crafty. I don't get to see her and her family often, they live a ways away. She was raised by her father, and we have only been close to each other for 14 years. She is a treasure. I love her dearly.

Then is Katie. She is Joyce's oldest daughter, and she is a hoot. She takes no guff from anyone. If someone pushes her, or anyone else around at school, Katie is there to protect. Her heart is a big as the universe. She is a pro wrestler fan and goes "gaga" over the wrestlers. I love her way big time alot.

Next is Jamison. She is the baby of the family,but one tough baby she is. She too is goofy and funny, loving to play jokes and tricks. She is a bit quieter than her sister, though not by much. I love her seriousness and quiet zoning out. I just plain love her.
The two girls look a lot like their mom, who looks a whole lot like i did years ago.  My beautiful blondes.  

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