Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A late Tuesday.

I just discovered "Tuesdays Unwrapped" at "chatting at the sky".
A gift.
I unwrapped it.
On this day of pain and difficult breathing and oh poor me, i unwrapped this gift.
Yes, i do have wonderful things to be thankful for, but, sometimes i have a really hard time seeing them.
Like Monday, it was sunny and 68 degrees out! I sat out on the front steps. In the sun. Feeling the warm loving breeze. Not something i do alot anymore.
Like today, finding this treasure chest full of words.
Ah, thank you thank you for this gift.


  1. I'm so glad you joined us for a late Tuesday. And your legacy of children, grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren is amazing!

  2. I only found Tuesdays Unwrapped a few weeks ago. It really is a "treasure chest full of words."

  3. Welcome Linda!

    I am loving the sun too!