Friday, March 19, 2010

When in doubt , answere the door.

Yesterday i was wondering if there was a real reason i should get dressed, instead of hanging around in my pj's. The Old Guy was off to his first day of work since forever, there was no one who cared how i looked, so why bother?
Then came a knock at the door. A little tiny " tap tap tap". 
Our front door is one of those fancy glass ones, so anyone standing on the outside can see movement, so there was no hiding, acting like i wasn't home...
i opened the door.
There she was. Held in her mama's arms, my great-granddaughter, Cambria. She looked at me and giggled.
She's not yet 2, so her words are still hard to get, but the look was enough... "Nana looks funny!" and giggle again.
Now i had to make a choice. Get dressed because they had come to visit, or not get dressed because my morning look brought such a wonderful smile to my sweet little love's face.
I stayed in my pj's for a few minutes, until she got busy with toys, then i got dressed.
Compromise. It works.

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