Monday, March 22, 2010

Un-wrapped? Not yet. Waiting waiting.

This is BlueRaine. My youngest daughter. As you can see, she is pregnant. It's a boy. Eddie. He will be the first boy born within huggable distance in 23 years. He is going to come into a family of many females. And he's gonna be a prince. HA!
How can he not be? He has a mom, 2 sisters, 3 aunts, a nana (me), a granny, 2 second cousins (girls), 6 cousins (girls), 3 girl dogs, 1 girl cat... a dad, a papa, 3 uncles, and 1 male cousin, 3 male cats and 2 male dogs. I think i've got it all counted right. Sixteen females (plus 4 four-footers) and six males (plus 5 four-footers).
This little guy is gonna be smooched and hugged and snuggled and spoiled like you wouldn't believe. He's gonna think he rules the roost.
One of his sisters, Ashlyn, already thinks she does, so it is going to be a very interesting time, and i can hardly wait.
I sit next to her and put my hand on her belly. He moves and kicks and stretches. Her belly ripples and rolls and thumps side to side. She groans and giggles. As much fun as it is seeing her pregnant, i am very ready for this baby to come.
He will be the last grandchild born in this clan.
Yep. He's gonna be a prince.

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  1. How exciting! Your clan is huge. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild in June. She will be the first girl baby in this family since her mama was born over 21 years ago. I have pink things all over the place, of course.

  2. How fun! As a mother of two little ones, it's fun to read a grandma's perspective on waiting for the arrival. :)

  3. Congratulations on your newest grandbaby to be! I am glad that you will have him and his momma nearby for lots of loving.

  4. I love your description "within huggable distance." :) Congratulations on the soon arrival of this precious blessing. May he bring you and your family much joy all the days of your lives!

  5. Congrats! I know you are ready to get your hands on that little boy! My house is filled with testosterone! It will be fun! My baby turns 16 next week! Time sure does fly.