Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You know....sometimes i wonder if i am ever going to get the hang of this blogging thing. I ask "blogger headquarters" to make me a linky, which they said they did, but, where is it? I can't find it. They hid it. Put it away in some dark corner where it will get covered with dust and cobwebs. Ah well.

Then, i follow quite a few blogs, but only some of them show up on my blog, some show in my dashboard, and some just aren't there at all. So, i asked "blogger smart people", how come? where are they?  No answere. That was a week ago. Guess they're busy with all the other questions they must get constanly.
So, when i want to go to one of my favorite blogs i have to check my list on my main page, then go to the dashboard, and then, if they aren't there i have to go to my bookmarks. It's sorta like being a little tipsy and stumbling around in a dark alley.

Thankfully there is Tuesdays Un-wrapped, and Flashback Friday to find everyone on.
Which brings me to this.....dear Jo at MYLESTONES, who host Flashback Friday, is going on leave for a bit. Dear Erin, at Together for Good, is going to take over for her while she is gone. Whew. That is a relief!
I don't know what i'de do without it. Well, not true, i'de sew something, but you know what i mean. I'de miss it.

"I'de" is not a word is it. Oh what the heck, i like it.


  1. You make me smile. :)

    You should put your blogs in a reader, then you'll have them all in one happy little place.

  2. Hi1 thanks for checking my blog I'll follow you. I'm new at this blogging. I was the last person in my office to somedeal with the computer. Still not good. Two things I bought a book Blogging for Dummies as well as I CALL MY STEPDAU. IN TEXAS TO GET help!I live in Ga, so it's still not easy. YOU should see the papers onmy floor of info. I have copied. Little babysteps is my goal. Good luck. Love your sense of hum

  3. Too funny! I know what you mean though ... seems no one is ever available to help with queries. I find that one just has to start pushing buttons and opening "doors", if you will. When something works, make note of it in a journal, then use for reference later. Rose's idea of the Blogging for Dummies is an excellent one! So worth the small investment ...ridding oneself of the frustrations makes blogging so much more fun!

    Have a blessed day, Linda! :)))