Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Magical Mother's Day

This Mother's Day is a quiet one. Not much is going to happen, the girls will probably stop by, one after another, hug me, tell me they love me.

My Old Guy got me a sweet card and a new book. Got my coffee for me, and is his usual all around sweetie.

The best Mother's Day ever was last year.

I have 4 daughters. Lisa, Leslie, Joyce, and BlueRaine. Their ages are 46, 39, 35, and 32.
Until this day a year ago, they had never been in the same house/room with me at the same time. There was always one gone off somewhere, living in another state or town. By the time Blue was born, Lisa was gone off, Joyce was living with her father. So it was just Blue and Leslie with me. We moved to Alaska when Blue was 3, which is where Lisa was, so then it was Lisa, Leslie and Blue. Joyce stayed in Oregon with her father.
Somehow, over the years, it never meshed up so that we could all be together at one time in the same place. We would make plans, but then something would go wrong with one of them, and so another year would go by.

But, last year it happen. After 46 Mother's Days, i was finally with my four girls all at once. For years I had prayed and wished and begged for it.

The day came. It was magical. This photo shows the beauty of my 4 girls. Their glorious smiles and wonderful laughter. It was a perfect day. My prayers had been answered. I had been given this gift.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


  1. What a precious gift. Enjoy your day today,my friend. :)

  2. Your picture and your story make me smile. Gifts, indeed! :)

  3. saw your blog and thought I'd drop in. Loved your story about the girls and Mothers your post on your mother. Hugs and kisses are important, we all this. Iplan to follow your blog. If you want something to read my blog is

  4. Beautiful Mother's Day picture.

  5. Thank you for following me. What a beautiful picture, your daughters are lovely. I have COPD
    and I complain about it allot but I can see that you are having a hard time with it and for this I am sorry. ((HUGS))