Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morning Glories

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I love morning glories.
My Old Guy knows this.
There is one little patch of wild morning glories that lives out in the yard. Just a small patch.
Now, the Old Guy, he has a thing about grass... it has to be short. He also has a thing about
weeds... they have to be gone.
But, more than that, he has a thing about me... he loves me... and so, he leaves that little patch of
morning glories alone. He mows around it, even though that means a few extra backing ups and forwards to turn the mower around.
This little bit of sweetness he gives me is more important than any expensive thing he could ever buy for me.


  1. i think that this is a beautiful gift for you. take care. rose

  2. That's just the dearest, sweetest thing...ever. Bless his heart and bless yours. Sending lots of good energy right straight to you and may you be filled with all of the morning glories of life and the freedom to breathe in the joys and goodness forever.

  3. Dearest Linda,
    Thank you for having visited my blog. Your dear, sweet flowers are lovely, and your dear sweetheart is even more so.

  4. Hey Linda! Thank you for visiting my blog and joining up. Any man who loves you enough to mow around your flowers is a good man, indeed. I've got one of those, too, although he doesn't have to worry about flowers since I can't grow them for the life of me--but he's real good about mowing around all the lawn furniture and ornaments out there (he does grumble about it, but eh).