Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am a person of the sea. I lived by the sea for many years. I heard it, smelled it and watched the dance of the waves. I miss it. Sometimes the sea comes to me in my dreams.
One night i dreamed i was on the beach, it was warm and sunny, the waves were making soft music, singing me sleepy. I found a large shell to curl up in and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of gulls, which in reality was the alarm clock.
I of course had no photo of me cutely curled up asleep, so i used this one of my granddaughter, Alexis. I love playing with my photos, this is what came out of my dream.
I call it "The Guardian's" .


  1. Wonderful post, Linda!!!! Love your dream ... and the creative image you made to reflect your sleepy haze!

  2. I found your blog today, by seeing your picture as a follower on another blog. I'm 59 and it's hard to find many bloggers who are in our age bracket. I was drawn to your picture because you look honest and real. I read all of your posts this afternoon - as if I were reading a book. You are a great writer and I find all your words honest and transparent. I only read the 2010 posts. I don't know how to go back further. I especially like your post about your mom. I understand all that you write regarding your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and the man you love. Your words express my heart. I'm sorry you have the COPD.

  3. What a great interpretation of your dream! So creative!