Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Automatic Make Life Easier' Susie Homemaker toys.

Now who woulda thought!
When micro-wave ovens first came out it was, "i'm never gonna get one of those!" 

Well, i have one. I've had one for about 21 years now and don't want to ever be without one again. The first one was the Old Guy's, a big, heavy, high-powered thing that you coulda cooked a cow in in a short time. We used that one for a few years and decided it was time for something newer and smaller, so that one went to Blue, who passed it on to Leslie, who passed it back to Blue, who then passed it on to A. No idea where it is now, and since none of us has the need, or desire to cook a whole cow in a short time, i guess it really doesn't matter.
Anyway, since the first old one, we have had two more, and now i'm wanting a new one. This one is square and black, i want rounded and white. Not picky or anything you know.
    I also used to say, "i'll never have a dishwasher, been washing dishes by hand all my life and i actually like doing it! the hot water feels good." Yeah, right. Well, that was true at one time, but not anymore. I have never had a dishwasher until we moved into this house, and glory be there was one sitting right there built in to the counter. I looked at it off and on for a few days, never used it. In fact, i forgot i had it! until our first Sunday breakfast here, when suddenly, as the kids were about done washing the second sinkful of dishes i remembered, DUH! theres a dishwasher right there! So, needless to say, the next Sunday breakfast dishes were put in the dishwasher.

You know, there is actually a certain way to load one of those things! You don't just start shoving stuff in there and hope for clean dishes, oh no, you put plates here in this direction, bowls there, glasses up there, etc... hell! i didn't know that! i'de never had one of the dang things. So, that first load didn't impress me much, figuring the thing wasn't very good and didn't do it's job. Until one of my sweet girls let me know different, and now the dishes come out nice and clean.
There is also a garbage disposal in the sink. One of those "if you put your hand in there while it's running it's gonna chop it up!" things. Lisa does that, well, she pushes stuff down while it's running and makes me crazy...argh! 46 years old and puts her hand in a running disposal....or she did and i gave her heck. I mean, after all, there are little girls learning everything we do, right? Oh, thats a scary thought isn't it. Lets see, hmmmmmmm, just what would they learn from this house? To go from one room to another, mumbling to yourself about what you thought you were doing but got sidetracked. How to chop up your hands in the disposal. How to hang yourself with oxy hoses. How to trip yourself on oxy hoses. How to shut your oxy hose in the fridge door and stop on a dime. How to laugh so hard your belly hurts and you pee your pants. How to talk to plants so they grow nice. How to eat canned tamales on lettuce with golden hominy on the side. How it feels to sit next to your nana with your head on her shoulder and fall asleep. Or play computer games with aunt Lisa till her eyes cross. How to put up with a papa who teases and harrases you with so much love it shines. And how to answere questions like...
how did i go from talking about micro-waves to teaching kids?


  1. I loved this post! My blog posts wander off after my mind all the time! :) And I have never had a dishwasher so I have no idea how to load one but one of these days ...

  2. loved your post. we could be twins. for years i had a dishwasher and used it when we had company. thought i 'd wash by hand. dumb. now i use it still have to learn to pack it. i've always had a microwave. i have a disposal for the is time. unfortunately i put a corn cobb in it. my husband was kind to repair it. no cobbs. love to hear about your family. thanks for droping in on my blog. have a good day.

  3. That's a lot of nice things to learn from your house.
    I used to have one of those humongous microwaves. Now I'm going to think about cooking a whole cow for the rest of the day. Very funny!

  4. I love this post. Love it. Me too, on all that new stuff, I wait and wait and then i attach myself. We're the last ones to get new stuff - new inventions.

    I love what your grandchildren are learning and they're going to have great memories.

  5. this is such a playful, smiling post. Love it, Linda. :)

  6. Hi Linda,

    can you imagine we havn't got a micro. Perhaps that the reason my 20 year old son Benjamin can cook? But he can also put a frozen pizza in the oven ;-)