Monday, June 28, 2010

Bugs Bugs Bugs

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Mosaic Monday

Bugs. Who doesn't love bugs!?
Well, me for one.
Yech. I do not like bugs.
But, i have to admit, they are very interesting creatures. A bit on the.....uh.....'alien' side, but interesting.
I find that i watch every show about bugs, i just can't help myself. And that includes stupid sci-fi movies starring a bug of some kind.You know the ones, with giant bugs that crash into cars and houses and drag the people out by their heads...which come off at the neck. Or big giant bugs that spit acid or some nerve paralyzing goop, so that they can either tenderize the meat, or drop it in it's tracks to it's easy to munch.
You know. THOSE movies.
Anyway, back to my mosaic.....
There are a lot of bugs. Different shapes, sizes, colors and persuasions.
These photos show just some of the ones that live in and around my yard.


  1. Great photos!!! Wow, what a lot of patience you must have for theses shots!!!
    Happy MM!!!

  2. Dear Linda,
    your mosaic is great and your photos, too! You like to observe bugs, when looking at your photos I would think so. And when looking at your mosaic I the viewer also become an observer, I have to rest a little while, to see the diversity.
    Tonight the mosquitos bug me! Because the lots of rain the last month, we have many of them, normally we don't have so many.
    Please can you tell me with what programm you made your mosaic, because the one I use as described in little red house has not so many possibilities.
    Thank you!

  3. What a cool mosaic of some great photos.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  4. It looks like you have a well populated yard. Your shots of insects are very interesting! I watched a little green beetle crawling on a canvas umbrella. His legs were so tiny.

  5. Hi, Linda. Thank you for following Bug Safari. As I have time, I have been browsing through the list of my new followers to see who's who, and see what they have to say on their own blogs. Amazing, the diversity of people who are interested in a blog about bugs!

    Anyway, I have been touched by the sensitivity, sincerity, and simplicity of your words. And I love your artwork and digital scrapbook pages. I do a bit of that myself.

    I see that you haven't posted recently. I hope you're feeling OK, and that maybe you're just in a bit of a blogging slump.
    Take care,