Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tenderizing A

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I love playing with my photos, and one of the things i love the most, is extracting.
Grandson, Anthony (known as 'A'), is afraid of the praying mantis, so i decided to give him a bad time and make a photo of him being 'prepared' by two of the creature's.


  1. I love the crystals in your window...just amazing! What a way to wake up every morning! ♥

  2. My girls feel exactly the same way about crystals and rainbows. They love to hang whatever they can to capture the light in that amazing way, a reminder of God's love and care for each of us. Think we'll go hunting for more today at the flea market! Have a great day!
    Linda @bushel and a pickle

  3. Oh Linda. That's a bit on the creepy side! LOL. I'm not a huge fan of praying mantises either. Eurgh.

  4. Crazy about your collection of crystals!

  5. Hello Linda,

    your photomontage is a good laughter, cute!
    And because the other commentars are about your cristals, I love to enter your page, to look through your window and to see the bright sun shining through them.

    Thank you for your hint, I will get me also this programme.

    Have a nice week!


  6. i hate bugs. hate spiders. maybe i shouldn't share that info. I LOVE BUGS.

  7. fantastic job with the photo!! i love it! :)