Monday, June 21, 2010

Leaving Blue Water

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In 1985 i had gone through the loss of a love, the loss of my boat home. On the ferry ride from Sitka, Alaska, making my way back to Homer, Alaska, i felt lost and released, free and spinning.

I was in the middle of going nowhere, so glad to be going, and so sad to be leaving it all behind. My love had left, my boat had sprung a leak and suddenly it shone in front of water...freedom...wings to fly wherever i wanted. A fellow passenger snapped this photo of me standing in the window of the ferry, watching as the blue water washed past, thinking my thoughts. It's a poor photo, but it is real. It says all that need be said about that time. 


  1. Thank you for sharing a small part of your pain today. Life is never easy, we just have to make the best of each day. Take care.

  2. yes,
    life is full of blues...
    you can only look forward to move on,
    please never look back or keep yourself sad...

  3. When reading your words, everything fells suddenly very calm and quit. That is when someone really shows his soul.

  4. When your boat (body) is lifted off the rocks (god) and taken down stream (life), this is Gods way of putting you where he wants you. We may never understand it. It will make us stronger.
    Linda Seattle, WA

  5. i know i'm likely to be wrong, but i didn't sense a lot of sadness in this story... rather, freedom, possibilities... ? change is always hard, but then if we're lucky, we notice the oppotunities that change brings, don't we.