Friday, June 11, 2010


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I lived in Alaska for a while, 14 years to be almost exact. It was interesting. And cold. Way too much snow and ice for me, though i do have to say, there were some fine summer days, and you could grow mega vegi's during those long summer days.

It took me a while to get used to the "no night" thing during the summer. Laying in bed at midnight reading by daylight, just didn't seem quite right to me, so i took a black plastic garbage bags and hung it over the window of which ever bedroom i was sleeping in. That was a boring look, so i cut holes in the plastic, hung crystals from the rod so that they just dangled in front of the holes....TA DA! rainbows!

I lived in a total of 12 house's, apartments, buses,and cabins in the 6 years i lived in Homer, then i lived in a boat for 13 months in Sitka, then just 2 apartments the last 7 years in Anchorage. I had a nomadic heart.
I don't have pictures of most of the places, but i do have a few.
The first was a camper on a hillside....that was my first winter there, and when i would wake up in the morning i hair and blankets would be frozen to the window. A real shock the first time i went to get out of bed.
The second place was this cabin you see below. It was at the end of a 2 mile road that was only drivable during the dry days of summer, so for most of the year it was hiking in and out. There was no running water, i carried that in 5 gallon jugs. It had no electricity, i used propane, candles and wood. And needless to say, there was an outhouse.
The next place was also without electricity or running water, but it was only a couple miles from town and right off of the main road.
The next photo is place # 7. It sat on top of another hill, and it was windy up there. The house and outhouse both, were tied down with guy wires to keep them on the ground.
...... the matching outhouse....
I remember being trapped in that outhouse once, by a moose refusing to leave. She was munching on the branches of the young trees. I think she kept me there for at least an hour, finally, my cat, Doodle, came out looking for me and the moose beatfeet away.
Below is Doodle, my rescuer.
And that's it for Alaska memories right now.....

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  1. wow! all of those moves and doesn't sound like all the places were comfortable or safe. the outhouse story-WOW. on the blog ONE OF THE JONESES, Robyn gave an award Honest Scrap. I wrote a comment re you and your blog. i'm passing this on check One of the Joneses. have a good weekend. rose

  2. You were a much braver woman than I. I just really require a great deal of pampering and home-comforts and indoor plumbing. LOL

  3. the blog I mentioned was One of the Jones, it's the post about awards. rose

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by my place. I love this post. I love hearing/reading the stories of people's lives. The pictures are priceless.