Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bags Here, Bags There, Bags Bags Everywhere.

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tuesdays unwrapped at cats

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I like making things. I like making bags, toys, pincusions, or, sometimes i just embroider on a piece of fabric, hoping i'll find a use for it later.
I love the feel of a needle and thread in my hand. I love to use my sewing machine.
I need something to do with my hands while we watch t.v at night, so i try to always have some kind of project going that needs handsewing done on it.
I am un-wrapping a few of the bags i have made lately.


  1. Love how creative you are!

    My 10 year old spent all day yesterday making things, like a skirt for her doll and herself from an old sheet I gave her the night before.

  2. you do such lovely work. :)

  3. Love, Love, LOVE the yellow patchwork bag! Thank you so much for stopping by. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. these are beautiful creations.... i too, like to create, only with canvas and brush. thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! xo

  5. I will take one of each please!!! They are ALLLLLLLL every single one of them GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-) Happy Tuesday!!!

  6. Love the patchwork bag!! Happy making!

  7. The first is my favorite. I used to love sewing--realized when I was getting older when I could no longer see well enough to thread the needle!

  8. I wait for your book "how to make bags while looking TV". ;-) Found several favorite bags, the little details count.

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  10. Oh Linda,
    These are to die for. My girls would love these. The heart and yellow one is my favourite. So funky yet vintage. You have a great eye for color.
    Take care,