Thursday, July 22, 2010

G is for.................

     Linking up to...................     Jenny Matlock

I didn't find Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday until she was on the letter W, so i only got to do W,X,Y, and Z.
Now, today is the end of Alphabe-Thursday, and we are to use any letter we want, or repost and old one.
Hmmmm.....what to do what to do.
A could be for, uh, ANSWER, but i don't have one.
How about L, for i'm LOST!

But then..... but then as i was sitting looking out the window, watching the dawn, the first beam of sun popped through the leaves of the sweet gum tree. And it shook me to my core. It looked like a jewel that had been hiding in the tree, waiting for that one certain, special beam of light to hit it. It blasted color and sparkle through the leaves.
Then it moved on and hit the little orange flowers sitting on the deck, changing them to fireworks of the morning. As it crawled along the deck it lit first one marvel, then another.
A young walnut that fell too early off the black walnut tree.
A spider web stretching from the pineapple lily to the twisty sunflower my granddaughter has been trying to grow.
A lady bug resting on a stem of my one lonely tomato plant. She awoke with sun in her eyes, and began to stir, looking for breakfast.
As the light moved around the corner, it slid into the cup of one of the calla lillies where a small green frog had taken up residence. It lit him up like a piece of fine jade.
Then it hit me. Right in the face. Ah, what a glorious morning it is.
So, how about G is for Great Good Morning!


  1. And a great good morning to you too! Gorgeous crystals in above pic too!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,

    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  2. It's a gorgeous morning out here in the mountains too. I was looking at your profile and we have something in common, a love for Oregon. I go to Oregon every..single...chance..I..get! The ocean is like a drug for me. My very favorite place is Gearhart and I am determined to have a place there someday when I retire!

  3. Ahhhhhhh - that was lovely. "..It slid into the cup of one of the calla lillies where a small green frog had taken up residence. It lit him up like a piece of fine jade."
    Nice to be reminded of why I love some blogs.

  4. A beautiful post, Linda! Gloriously written! Love how you found a way to mix in all of G-d's creatures so fluidly into the morning's awakening!

  5. It's amazing when we take the time to really see all the wonderful things around us. Great post.

  6. you did a good job . loved your description of the things you noticed. have a good day

  7. hi first time i have visited loved it.

  8. Ahh wonderful post. Reminds me that I should pay more attention to my surroundings.

  9. Great post for a Great day, Linda! It's wonderful to sit still for just a moment and look at things around us.

  10. A refreshing post. As I always say: The best things in life are free.

  11. I like the imagery in your post!

  12. i love that you are so observant ... what a wonderful morning it must have been!

  13. Beautiful write ...true it yes G is for Good morning and G is for Great post..bkm

  14. Hello Lady-Shakespeare!

    So much embraced by your morning blog. I know these moments when the sun goes through a dew in the morning sparkling, what I love them too. So uplifting your text!

    Thank you!

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  16. I enjoyed your description of a good morning! Nice and peaceful.

  17. What a delicious addition to our Alphabet Soup this week!

    This was such beautiful writing. It made me feel a sense of peace and joy!

    Thank you for sharing these lovely words.

    And thank you for help make Alphabe-Thursday so wonderful!