Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ice Water

 Good, True & Beautiful

In the hot hot days we are having, a glass of good ole' ice water is the perfect thing.
It tinkles and clinks. It cools a hot forehead and wets a dry hot throat.
Ice water.
Just for the joy of it.


  1. the summer is so hot that we will be downing alot of water.just to share i'm having a problem with when i post a comment to a blogger my current posts are not showing up as written. i 'm trying to get this fixed

  2. Funny, while looking at your foto, I feel the refreshment!

  3. I LOVE Ice Water! Even more so when you add a wedge of lemon or lime!

  4. Couldn't agree more!

    I just stopped by to says for reading and commenting on my Willadean story, as well as following me, and here I find myself following you! I LOVE the crystals in your window - I have a little carousel type thing from which crystals hang - I bought it from a kid for his school fundraiser, thinking I would probably just throw it out. But it's one of my very favorite things! I love the rainbows on the wall and fireplace mantel first thing in the morning, when the sun rises.

    Gotta go get me a glass of ice water!