Saturday, July 24, 2010

I thought i was a poet.

Once upon a time, i thought i was a poet. A writer of magic words, i was sure wisdom flew out of the end of my pen.
But then i remembered. And wrote this.

"Do not go beyond the fence!"
What parents teach their kids. It's what they teach us in school, and it's what husband's and wives say to each other.
"Do not go beyond the fence!"
Zoo's have it on both sides.

"Do not walk on the grass!"
They plant miles and miles of beautiful, soft, green, fragrant grass and tell us to "KEEP OFF!"  Hmmmmm.

"Help keep our country clean and green."
Now this one is superior to most. There are bombs powerful enough, and men insane enough, to make hash of us all. And they tell US to keep our country clean and green.

"Day use overnight camping."
My favorite. Tell me, what is the point in using a place only in daylight? Do boogie-men and monsters come out at night?
So what. We could use a few more boogiers.
As for monsters, look around, they are everywhere and it is daylight.


  1. This reminds me of that song "Signs, signs, everywhere a sign..." You know which one I mean? The world is always handing us fences, lines not to cross. I like to color out of the lines. Sounds like you do too, Linda. Thanks for stopping by tonight!

  2. Your words meet the point, (this is a collocation in my language). The one with the grass impressed me most.

  3. some of the individual statements don't fly.