Monday, July 12, 2010

From Seed to Yum

Isn't it amazing though...that slimy little seed goes into the ground, pushes up a green seedling, which then turns into gorgeous huge leaves and joyful yellow blossoms, and then into green tasty squash that then becomes the most yummy bread you can imagine. Oh yeah. This little vegi is well loved around here. The flowers are tasty too!
My my my.
Summer love.

Join us, won't you?

Mosaic Monday 
at the Little Red House.


  1. Sweet idea for a mosaic, showing the "evolutionary" process. I love zuccini bread.

  2. you are so right. we had squash, but i love to bake them. have a good day.

  3. Okay - so you know all the stories about pies disappearing off of kitchen tables and out of window sills? I'm pretty sure there are folkloric tales about such things... if I were in one I'd be walking off with your bread. LOLOL I can't grow a THING - but I would try to grow some squash so you'd make me some bread. hee-hee

    Your photos are awesome! I LOVE the layout - and now my stomach's growling.

    :-D robelyn

  4. Dear Linda,

    what have we today common, a flower one can eat ;-)

    Your mosaic is so great in it's idea!
    Can I get somewhere on google the receipt or can you post it in your next post?
    Hope you feel fine!
    big hug
    Anja from over the ocean :-)

  5. What an original mosaic. We've planted squash again this year - always end up with too much, but then someone is always happy to take a couple.