Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Redheads in the Family

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I was agonizing over RED. What could i post about that was RED? It was my mother's favorite color, and she had RED everywhere in her house, and on her lips, fingernails and toenails, plus the clothes she wore. She really loved RED.
I think, if she had been just a bit braver, she would have painted the walls RED, and had RED carpet. Thankfully she didn't. Her place already had a RED glow when the sun shone through the RED curtains. I don't think i could have stood much more.
And strangely, me? Not so much. It's okay, but, not as an EVERYTHING color. 
What to post?
Then as i was commenting on someones else's RED post, saying most of the dolls i make have red hair, it hit me... well duh!
So, here they are, the RED heads of the family, a few of the dolls i have made over time.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the dolls! My favorite is the one in the middle, with her panicked eyes and hand to her mouth, like she's thinking, "Oh no! What have I done?"

    Do you have names for them? And do you still make dolls? For yourself or others or both?

    I am sitting here in a RED shirt and RED socks. And if you've seen my latest post, you'll see that I have RED hair!

  2. Such wonderful examples of Rainbow Red in this pic - and I like the bottom one best since she looks so happy!
    Happy Rainbow Red day,
    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  3. You have made a wonderful collection. What a special set of dolls. I had an Ann when I was little.

  4. Red. I love your stories about your mom. As a child I LOVED the color red. I would say with certainty that it was my favorite color, as a child. I had a very fancy red dress in the first and second grade which I wore in a school play. I thought it was beautiful. Oddly enough, I never wear such loud colors as an adult. I am unusually unadorned - yet - I still love the idea of a red dress, which I can't bring myself to wear. Only hints of red all along.

    People don't know that on the inside I wear the color Red. Love your dolls. You are very creative.

  5. I'm impressed with your work. They are very adorable redheads.


  6. Very cute redheads!.....there's something about a redhead, child or doll!

  7. My cousin is a red nut. She has so much white and other colors to offset the red that her house fairly glistens. No walls, ceilings, or floors were harmed in her decorating!

    Love all your red dolls. Love 'em to death.

  8. Oh wow the doll sitting at the right side really smiles at me, now I blush red. ;-)

  9. Those dolls are the cutest. I love their expressions. Every time we see this one lady walking she always has on red from head to toe. I call her the red lady. If it's raining she has a red raincoat and umbrella too, ha. Great red post.

  10. Darling, darling and darling...they are so cute....Great Red post....bkm

  11. Stopping by from Miss Jenny's party! Too cute! Make me remember when I was a little girl! Now that was a long time ago!

  12. you are amazing. saw other items you have made, super good.

  13. Linda, I can't reply to your comment on my post about my dad because there's no email address attached to your comment. If you'd like to hear from me, please just send along your email address to me at dst33 @ comcast . net.

  14. Your dolls are adorable! Perfect choice for red.

  15. Linda, I love these beautiful red-haired dolls.

    What a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Summer School.

    I'm reading Cheryl's comment to you, you can put your e-mail address into your google profile to fix that. But you probably already knew that.

    Your Mom sounds like a radiant woman.

    And this was a radiantly red post!

    Thank you for linking it.