Friday, July 30, 2010

The Decision.

This is my first time at this be the prompt is in blue. There are ( i think i counted right)100 words. I'm pretty sure i'm right, cuz i had to delete one word.
And, hopefully, i did this according to the rules. My mind has a tendency to skip a rule or two sometimes, without letting me know until it's too late.
So, without further ado.....
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Saturday Centus - Week 12

The decision was made. No turning back.
AnnieLee, sitting next to me, was rambling on about the past.
"Do you remember the promises's.....?" "Blah blah blah was all i heard. I was thinking, driving six hours is a long time on the road. Six hours spent singing car-aoke and taking in the picturesque scenery, but mostly reminiscing about the good old times.
But those days were long gone and my mind was in a different place now. Or was it? My pulse quickened as i passed the road sign which read "Medford 27 miles". 
After 14 years of hearing the same words, non-stop, i had come to the end of my rope. Just a few more miles and i would be rid of her. Just a bit past Medford and peace will be mine. And her's. 
It is time to set her free, this ghost of love long lost. Time to put her soul to rest.
It is time to let her go. 


  1. You put a lot of emotion into those 100 words!

  2. I don't know what exactly it is you're linking to so I'll check it out but your words are very beautiful indeed. I agree with Shell - alot of emotion in it.

  3. I really liked this, and you're right, alot of eeriness this week. Actually I had Medford, Maine in my head, which is probably how I came up with vampires in the end LOL. Thanks for stopping by, hope you join in next week too! Kat

  4. You did good. I liked your centus very much because I want to know more lol. Hope you do it again ;-)

  5. Gentle? It think it is going to have to be you being gentle with us!

    This was fantastic.

    I love your use of the prompt and the different direction you took us!

    Very creative and I want to know more! I like when I am left hanging (OK, I am annoyed when I am left hanging but, hey, that's just me! - ha)

    Thank you for linking!

    I hope we see you again.

  6. Wow, I liked this! A very well written, intriguing story with a very tangible quality to it. Great job with the prompt! Awesome!

  7. your words had me going to want to read morevery good.

  8. Beautiful take on this prompt.

  9. Nice and mysterious. Is Annie a person? A figurative ghost? A literal ghost? You left us wanting more, and that's good!

  10. I felt a real sadness and relief in the story.

    like everyone else wanting to know more. i thought it may have been someones ashes perhaps you were carrying in the car? :)

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