Monday, August 2, 2010

The Gift

Come on over to Jenny Matlock's for  Saturday Centus. Amazing people visit there.

 Saturday Centus

I'm not real sure about this, but it's what came out when i put finger to keyboard.
The prompt is in blue.

The Gift

It had cost him so much.
He had given up more than anyone knew.

He gave me the most precious gift, he gave it freely and with love.
But he is gone.

It has kept me warm and eased my sorrows for a long time.
That's why it meant so much to me, and why, even though i miss
him still, it is time to pass it on, to give it away. 

Such a gift must not be hoarded, must not be kept to myself.
There is someone, somewhere in the dark who needs the light of this gift.



  1. I really liked this. Whatever the gift was by your description it sounds wonderfully healing. Great Centus.

  2. So impactful, Linda. The simplest of gifts can be the most important.

  3. How beautiful! A story of love and life and healing. Quite inspirational!

    I just posted my tardy contribution for the week. Hope you drop by and read!


  4. Very nice, a warmth in the story that won't be forgotten!

  5. Holy my goodness.

    This was beautiful.

    I love the warm simplicity of each carefully crafted sentence here.

    A lovely link.

    So wonderful to have you share some of your amazing talents here.

    Thank you.