Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Today i am un-wrapping,

Lisa. My firstborn. Today she is 48.
That amazes me, that i have a child almost 50 years old.
Wow again.

She was born 35 days before i turned 16.
She was born in St. Catherines Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.
We were attended by nuns.
They told me (at that time) i was the youngest to ever deliver in that hospital.

I had always heard nuns were mean, un-happy women, with no patience for mistakes.

Well, i learned that you can't lump everyone with the same title, in the same catagory.

I was babied.
I was lavished with kindness and love.
My feet were rubbed. My hair was combed. My clothes were washed for me,
so that when i went home i would be in clean clothes.

Lisa was held and rocked and passed around from nun to nun.
She was sung to and talked to and snuggled the total 8 days i was in that hospital.

The hospital food 48 years ago was still 'real food' and had flavor.
I was fed very well, and usually it was something i had wanted.

Maybe all that kindness and love that was heaped upon us had something to do with
Lisa turning out to be the loving soul she is.
She has a pure heart.
She is my daughter.
I love her.


  1. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for sharing this lovely tribute to your little girl on her birthday.
    I was profoundly moved by the story of compassion, and I am grateful to know that such tender kindnesses where shown to a girl, so very young, who was entering the world of motherhood.
    Best wishes to you on this special day.

  2. Oh Linda,
    what a beautiful little glimpse into your life and the life of your oldest child. Thank you for sharing this today. A true gift to unwrap.

  3. Your story and mine are so similar - different eras - but very recognizable. I was also surprised by the kindness of nuns after childbirth. Happy birth day to you, as well. I think that we mothers should also celebrate each birth day. It is a good day to remember the miracle of creation and our partnership with God in bringing His children to this earth. Truly a gift worth unwrapping to celebrate on this birth day.

  4. What a beautiful story and such a testament to the love of mothers and women. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. What a great start into life, thank you for sharing with us. It was surely not easy for you as sixteen year old teen with a baby, but the nuns honoured Lisa and you, you hold it in your mind. Sometimes one can find heaven on earth. Have a good week Linda!

  6. After I saw Audrey Hepburn as a nun, and Sally Field as a nun, and then Whoopie Goldberg as a nun--how can nuns be anything but wonderful? Of course I'm not Catholic and I do remember hearing about the nuns at my friends' Catholic school whacking their knuckles with a ruler, but of course that wouldn't have happened to ME, perfect child that I was. Your daughter is so lucky to have a mother who loves her as much as you do, Linda. God Bless.