Thursday, August 19, 2010

A good day.

My last post i was moaning about the heat. It has let up some. Whew. And i thank all you lovely people who left such sweet and loving comments. It amazes me, how people i have never met are so willing to offer support and hope.

Here are some of the things that give me mega joy.
My grand girls having a great day with their papa. 
Seeing their beautiful smiles and the look of wonder that comes over their faces

Last weekend my Old Guy took the grandgirls, Alexis and Ashlyn, to see some cowboys practicing roping, and to visit the mini-horse place. They enjoyed both of course, the roping was exciting and very interesting to them.
Alexis got to see the mini-horses a couple of years ago, Ashlyn was still too young to go off with Papa for such a long time, so this was her first time.

Sadly, the mini-horse place, which used to have 150 or so horses, is now down to just a few. They have decided to retire. But, the few that were there gave much joy to two sweet little girls.
Alexis and Ashlyn, watching the ropers.
Walking through the field to see the horses.
Alexis so wanted to pet the big one, but it kept moving away.  If she would have ignored him,
he would have been more than happy to get up close.
This photo is wonderful. Ashlyn picking grass for the horse.
Her first time being so close to a real horse, no fear, just wondrful joy and trust.
Alexis. Her beautiful smile that turns my heart over every time.
On the way home. She had a very big day.


  1. your granddaughters are beautiful. Love the pictures. :)

  2. i think that having grandchildren can make most grandparents feel good. i know that i get that feeling. you are right great smile. pretty good photos. try to get cool .rose

  3. Nice your a back Linda! For Alexis and Ashlyn it has been a great day, very charming the photos! The horses had have the right high to pet them. When I thought at you I also remembered your nice family around you.Also amazing thinking at you, was that I got the feeling the woman, you, of the post: when I was a cook.. was standing beside me, funny isn't it? Perhaps on a soullevel there is no distance? I don't know. In any case have a good time Anja

  4. Oh my GOSH!!! Both of them are just GORGEOUS!!!!

    Lucky them - and LUCKY you!!!

    ;-D Have a wonderful week-end!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! There is something so wonderful to see about human and animal together! I love the ones of Ashlyn and the horse in the field..