Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Green is a Wonder

 This is linking to Jenny Matlock's  Rainbow Summer School....this weeks color is GREEN.


Green can sometimes be amazing and wonderous.
Little green frogs hiding in the spring green of a blooming star jasmine.
Green ivy climbing a rock.
This is Brooklyn, our great-granddaughter, watching the wonder of green life.


  1. Lovely photo thanks for sharing

  2. What an amazing photo! Truly. That is awesome. I can't stop looking at her looking at that frog...too cool!

  3. Hi Linda, wonderful photo collages with your little girl. I take it with me into the new day!
    Your friend from over the ocean. ;-)Anja

  4. what a beautiful picture....perfect for a green post...I used to love finding tree frogs when I was a kid on the Oregon Coast....thanks for the visit too!